Hyundai College Program

College Student In Car

Are you a recent college graduate and shopping for a new vehicle near Gadsden? If so, you’re in luck! You’re eligible for up to $400 in bonus cash towards the purchase or lease of a new Hyundai. Take a moment to learn about the Hyundai College Program, and then, fill out a pre-approval and call Team One Hyundai of Gadsden to start saving!

Qualifications for the Bonus Cash

Hyundai has designed the Hyundai College Program to help recent graduates of college get their hands on an affordable vehicle and start building credit. That said, to qualify for the $400 bonus, our Anniston neighbors will need to:

  • Bring a diploma or letter from the registrar indicating that you have graduated in the past 2 years, or will graduate in the next 6 months, from a U.S.-accredited college or nursing school with a graduate, bachelor’s, or associate’s degree.
  • Furthermore, you’ll either need to provide proof of employment (i.e.: a pay stub), or proof that you have accepted a job offer from a prospective employer within 90 days of signing the finance contract.
  • You will also need to finance your Hyundai through Hyundai Motor Finance and be approved for a loan.
  • Bonus cash may only be used towards the purchasing or leasing of new Hyundai vehicles. You may only apply the $400 towards the down payment. If leasing, this incentive may not be combined with the Zero Due at Leasing Program.

Benefits of the Program

By providing recent graduates with $400 of bonus cash, we hope to make it easier for the young professionals in our community to raise a down payment and begin financing or leasing a car. One of the biggest obstacles for new professionals is getting reliable transportation for their Oxford commute, but at Team One Hyundai of Gadsden, we know recent grads have plenty to worry about ready, so we make it our mission to participate in this program and make life just a bit easier. Not to forget, many recent college graduates are only beginning to build credit, and there are few faster paths to building a healthy financial history than making reliable payments on a larger loan!

Have Questions About the Hyundai College Program?

Do have more questions about the qualifications for or benefits of the program? Call Team One Hyundai of Gadsden at (256) 413-8808. We’ll walk you through all the details and arrange for you to test drive new Hyundai vehicles for sale near Oxford! In the meantime, if you have a current car to sell or trade, value your trade-in and learn about how to sell your car for a maximized offer at our showroom!